[Eastern Korea]An-Mok shore, cafe load

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Hello my name is Katogi. 

I want to introduce about Korea's good place by posting.

The place's name is An-Mok shore which is the detail location is below.

When you are entering the shore, then you can feel less crowded than other famous shore.
So maybe you can take calm rest during walking time.
(But if you have a car and the visiting time is summer vacation? 
U need to wander to find parking place!)

When I visited there, I struggled to find free parking lot for 20 minutes.

And finally walk the shore! and I fell free!!

I should visit here again!

The An-Mok shore is little bit narrow shore.

the picture I posted, that the almost all.

But if you see the sea then you feel so clear your mind.

The shore's load is the cafe load.

There are parking lot(free), cafe, and sea restaurant.

walk walk walk!

I found good sea restaurant!

But that time, I was full. so~ pass.


So I dropped by a cafe which has second floor can watch outside.

Umm... Nice!

If you have some question about Korea then mail me!

I will answer you if I can.

The next posting is Jeju Island!

Katogi's e-mail : leokeit@hotmail.com

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